Project Description

This project is a 0.9 mile extension of the 4.1 mile long Covington Road Trail that currently stretches from the schools at West Hamilton Road to Hadley Road. This extension will provide connectivity to Covington Plaza and Time Corners, as well as a sidewalk along the east side of Getz Road that travels north to the Illinois Road corridor. In April, Aqua and NIPSCO will be moving their infrastructure out of the way for the trail construction to begin May 1st. The trail contractor will begin at the Durnell Drain and work his way east to Getz Rd before starting on the section between Hadley and the Durnell Drain. The project includes a pedestrian bridge over the Durnell Drain. Substantial completion is expected by 12/6/24 with final completion (bridge setting and restoration work) by 4/25/25. In 2025, the City and Fort Wayne Trails will create a trail hub rest area and trailhead parking area at 7014 Covington Road thanks to donor funds.

Project Location

Trail Rules

  • No Motor Vehicles

    Trails are designed only for people-powered vehicles.

  • Leash your Pets

    Pets are welcome, but must be leashed. Remove and dispose of any waste.

  • Be Kind

    Be respectful of others. Always yield to slower trail users.

  • Safety First

    Obey all traffic signs and signals.

Mid-Block Crossings

As of February 2024, the Fort Wayne Area Trails Network consists of 142 miles of trails, with 101 miles inside City limits. Most of the trails in City limits are planned, designed, constructed, and maintained by the City of Fort Wayne under the leadership of Mayor Sharon Tucker.