Project Description

The Broad River Neighborhood Activation began in January 2023 with an interested resident contacting the City for insight into how to build up the association. This meeting led to a much longer process of creating a neighborhood board, bylaws, and brand, and the City Liasion working on building a comprehensive Neighborhood Status Assessment (see below).

Some of the highlights of 2023: three neighborhood meetings and two cleanup events, garnering almost 30 people per event.

Neighborhood Status Assessment (NSA)

Neighborhood Status Assessments (NSA) begin with interested residents contacting the City. A City Liaison is assigned to the neighborhood and provides support, resources, and best practices over the course of 12-18 months.

The ultimate goal of the NSA is to empower residents to independently manage their neighborhood association.

The City Liaison distributes a survey and conducts at least 50 interviews of neighborhood residents. The NSA concludes with a comprehensive written document on neighborhood history, demographics, and data.

Do you live in the Broad River Neighborhood?


Since reactivating, Broad River neighborhood has prioritized acts of service by promoting two neighborhood cleanup days. Both events were great successes by connecting neighbors and giving people free options to get rid of unwanted items.

Neighborhood Meetings

Since reactivating, the Neighborhood has had three meetings to gather residents and discuss issues facing the area and the priorities for the future. These meetings were made possible by a partnership with International Leadership School at the corner of Broadway and Creighton(in the neighborhood), which hosted several meetings and is willing to host future meetings as well.



In order to develop awareness of the neighborhood association and a sense of place, Broad River residents worked together to develop a neighborhood logo and motto. The logo encapsulates the neighbors' love of trees and the nearby river.

Neighborhood Boundaries

Broad River Engagement