Project Description

This sidewalk connection includes a small stretch of sidewalk along the south side of Maysville Road from Sandarac Lane to Goeglein Road. This project will also include new concrete drive approaches where needed, ADA curb ramps and stormwater infrastructure updates, including new storm structures, pipe and storm castings. This project also entails extending the large diameter road culvert that conveys the Bullerman Drain under Goeglein Road at Stellhorn Road in order to construct sidewalk above it.

Before Construction

  • New concrete drive approaches where needed
  • ADA Curb Ramps
  • Stormwater updates
  • Expect traffic delays as the southbound lane of the road will be open to traffic while construction vehicles will be using the northbound lane of Goeglein for sidewalk construction.
  • Drive approaches will be inaccessible on the side of the street where work is taking place while the approach is being poured and formed up. Depending on the weather, this can range from three (3) weeks or more.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously through the jobsite - especially when the contractor is on-site working!
  • It will be dusty, dirty and noisy!
  • Do not move barricades, cones, barrels or construction tape. These will be removed by the contractor once the concrete has cured. Moving barricades or barrels and/or disturbing cordoned-off areas is cause for fine(s) per City Ordinance 99.007.
  • The contractor will restore disturbed areas with topsoil, hydroseed and straw mulch but will not water the grass seed. It is the homeowner's responsibility to water the grass to ensure proper, adequate growth.


    Be aware of all signage and reduced speeds. Avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating/drinking, and radio.



    The contractor will move them once pavement passes testing and can withstand vehicle weights.



    Slow down and give workers extra room. Drive cautiously through the jobsite especially If workers are on site.