Project Description

The Hamilton Neighborhood Activation began in March 2023 with only six interested neighborhood residents. Since then, the Hamilton Neighborhood has gone door-to-door speaking to neighbors, held two neighborhood events with over 120 attendees, enacted bylaws, and elected a full board.

What is Neighborhood Activation?

Neighborhood Activation begins with interested residents contacting the City. A City Liaison is assigned to the neighborhood and provides support, resources, and best practices over the course of 12-18 months.

The ultimate goal of Neighborhood Activation is to empower residents to independently manage their neighborhood association.

The City Liaison distributes a survey and conducts at least 50 interviews of neighborhood residents. The process concludes with a comprehensive written document on neighborhood history, demographics, and data.

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In July 2023, the Hamilton Neighborhood hosted its first neighborhood event in many years at the Franklin School Park.

Neighborhood residents met their neighbors, played outdoor games, plotted where they lived in the neighborhood, and received a free meal from a local food truck in exchange for completing a survey.

Both Hamilton Neighborhood Councilmembers Geoff Paddock and Tom Didier came to the Open House.

Over 50 neighborhood residents attended, and over 30 surveys were completed in English and Spanish.

Activating neighborhood residents walked door-to-door to advertise the event with the Neighborhood Planning & Activation Workgroup.

In October 2023, the Hamilton Neighborhood hosted their first annual Halloween Bash at Hamilton Park.

Neighbors smashed a piñata, received free food, candy, and popcorn, and were visited by FWPD officers and a FWFD fire engine.

Over 70 neighbors attended, despite the cold weather, and two neighborhood bands performed for the crowd.

Activating neighborhood residents walked door-to-door to advertise the event with the Neighborhood Planning & Activation Workgroup.

Neighborhood Meetings

Since the first meetings with only 6 neighborhood residents, Hamilton Neighborhood has had 13 meetings, including neighborhood association, subcommittee, and board meetings. Some neighborhood meetings have had over 30 attendees.

The meetings have established bylaws, voted in a board, identified neighborhood strengths and challenges, planned events, and facilitated important social connections.


The Hamilton Neighborhood residents worked with local artist Mariah Knight to develop a neighborhood logo and motto. Over 15 residents voted on the final selections. The logo is inspired by the shape of the arches at the historic Franklin School Park.

The Hamilton logo is now featured on light pole medallions, utility box wraps, and a neighborhood sign, all of which are part of the High Street CPTED Pilot.

Neighborhood Boundary

Hamilton Engagement