Project Description

The Innovative Housing Showcase is an opportunity to introduce and test four distinct new construction types in the Fort Wayne housing market. This project is designed to revolutionize traditional housing approaches by integrating innovative designs, sustainable materials, and efficient construction methods. The City of Fort Wayne has partnered with Royal Developments, LLC., a locally-owned housing developer, to undertake this groundbreaking project. Upon completion of construction this fall, the City will invite the public to walk through each of the models in order to experience the finished product.

Innovative Housing Showcase Groundbreaking

Mayor Tom Henry and city officials held a groundbreaking ceremony today to mark the beginning of construction for the Innovative Housing Showcase.

Innovative Housing Showcase Objectives

The showcase will feature four innovative housing construction types, each highlighting unique construction techniques.

Conduct market analysis to assess the demand, acceptance, and potential market penetration of the new construction types.

Navigate zoning regulations, building codes, and permit requirements to evaluate the feasibility and scalability of each construction type in real-world applications.

Assess the environmental impact, energy efficiency, and sustainability credentials of the new construction types to promote eco-friendly housing solutions.

Engage with stakeholders including builders, developers, policymakers, and community members to gather feedback, address concerns, and foster collaboration.

Demonstrate to prospective builders and homebuyers how to develop new housing within existing urban neighborhoods.

Share insights, best practices, and lessons learned from the showcase to inspire future innovation in the housing industry.

Podcast Interview with JT King of Royal Developments

Tune into the ThreeSquared Podcast interview with Innovative Housing Showcase developer JT King. Here are a few things you might find in this interview:

  • Who is JT King and Royal Developments
  • How Fort Wayne is pushing the envelope of innovation
  • Collaboration between developer, municipalities, and architects
  • Navigating your capital stack and project funding
  • The end goal for the homes and the role Habitat for Humanity has

Three Squared

Three Squared Container Model

Uses steel containers in the place of wood for the main structural elements of housing construction.

Container Home - Three Squared

About Three Squared

Our team is best in class and offers in-house architectural design. We manage projects from start to finish, navigating the Municipal Approval process at a 100% success rate... even in municipalities that have never approved this type of construction before. We work with developers looking to build a superior project while saving time, money, and participating in the biggest innovation in real estate of the last 100 years, while surpassing all building codes.

Construction Progress


Houm. Model

Digital fabrication and industrial scale production similar to the process used in the automotive industry or furniture manufacturing are used to create efficiencies in the housing construction process.

Houm. Model

About Houm.

Our home designs rethink the manner and means of housing, so as to offer our homeowners a more supportive environment and establish a healthy relationship between their life and the world around them. Our construction approaches marry the promise of robotics, digital fabrication and industrial manufacturing to realize a smarter process and a product that is more sensible, better crafted and more beautiful than anything currently on the market.

Construction Progress

New Energy Homes

New Energy Homes Model

A post-frame building technique provides better insulation and results in a much more energy efficient home than standard construction

New Energy Home

About New Energy Homes

Our purpose is to provide people and businesses with sustainable, attractive, and affordable building solutions through innovative engineering and quality components. Our home base is located in Nappanee, Indiana and includes our corporate offices, engineering center, full-line lumber yard, custom post and truss manufacturing plant and delivery fleet. This gives us ready access to all the components needed for each building package.


Volumod Modular Model

Prefabricated modules assembled on-site to create customizable and cost-effective housing units.

Volumod Model

About Volumod

In 2019 a group of real estate developers dreamed of a new way to address the growing attainable housing shortage. They imagined tradespeople completing multiple construction processes simultaneously inside a factory to accelerate the time-table of construction. The dream is now reality as we deliver a consistently superior product faster...and pass the savings on to you. There is a better way.