Project Description

The Maumee Avenue - Indiana Tech Sidewalk and Lighting Improvement Package is located in the East Central Neighborhood.

The project, scheduled for 2024, is a part of the Right of Way Department's Miscellaneous Package. The goal of the project is to:

  • Replace over 2,000 feet of sidewalk (primarily curb-face) with a new sidewalk along Maumee Avenue
  • Add a new park strip with grass and trees
  • Replace the existing street lights to match street lights further west along Maumee Avenue
  • Replace approximately 570 square yards of broken curb-face sidewalk along South Anthony Boulevard as needed between Maumee Avenue and Washington Boulevard.
  • Improve walkability, safety, and aesthetic beauty of the area, in the East Central Neighborhood


All curb-face sidewalks along Maumee Avenue within the project limits will be changed to a five foot wide sidewalk with a park strip. Adding updated street lights and a grass park strip will beautify this stretch of Maumee and Indiana Tech's campus greatly. The sidewalk sections along S Anthony Blvd that are in poor condition will be replaced but will not change in design.

Photo Gallery


Pictures of the North side of Maumee Avenue before construction begins.

Street Lighting

The current cobra head style of lights will change to acorn-style lights to match the existing layout to the west of the campus.

When the Maumee Avenue Realignment Project took place in 2016 and 2017, the lights changed to the acorn style, which is what these lights will match when completed. This style of light will improve safety and natural beauty to the area, as they will allow for trees to be planted in the park strip since there won't be overhead wires that will restrict their growth.

Tree Planting

Street trees will be planted in the park strip to add shade for pedestrians and drivers.

Park strip with trees & lights

Here is what the park strip may look like.

Maumee Realignment Project - 2016

The Maumee Avenue Realignment Project in the East Central Neighborhood took place in 2016 between Harmar Street and University Street. This involved road reconstruction, sidewalk changes, and the addition of updated lighting and trees in the park strip. While the current project is not involving a significant road change, the plans for the sidewalk, lighting, and tree planting will match what was done on the Maumee Realingment Project.

Picture Gallery

Pictures of the North side of Maumee Ave that already underwent construction a few years ago.


    Be aware of all signage and reduced speeds. Avoid distractions such as cell phones, eating/drinking, and radio.



    The contractor will move them when once pavement passes testing and can withstand vehicle weights.



    Slow down and give workers extra room. Drive cautiously through the jobsite especially If workers are on site