Project Description

The City of Fort Wayne's Community Development Division's Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup worked together with the Northeast Neighborhoods Planning Committee to develop Historic Northeast 2035, a planning document that provides a shared vision and direction for the group of neighborhoods located in the city's northeast urban core. The plan provides strategies for investing in growth, building community, and improving the quality of life for area residents.

The recommendations found in the document were shaped by nearly 1,100 interactions with residents, businesses, and stakeholders and drafted by an advisory committee comprised of neighborhood leaders in the area.

Historic Northeast 2035 is a planning document that provides a shared vision of three (3) neighborhoods located in the northeast urban core of the City of Fort Wayne. The Historic Northeast area is rich in community and character that the community looks to continue to grow into the future. In the following pages, you will find that this plan is created to:

  • Engage the residents and stakeholders of the Historic Northeast area to identify and prioritize needs and aspirations
  • Establish a shared vision that can guide the three (3) neighborhoods of the planning area
  • Celebrate the planning area’s community, character, and unique identity
  • Develop a set of goals and implementation strategies that will guide planning and development activities, neighborhood design, public improvements, and future investments
  • Provide guidance to neighborhood associations in the Historic Northeast areas, the City of Fort Wayne, decision-makers, public agencies, developers, investors, for-profit corporations and non-profit corporations

The following neighborhoods are a part of the Historic Northeast Neighborhood Plan:

  • Forest Park Neighborhood
  • Northside Neighborhood
  • North Anthony Neighborhood

This plan will involve various members of the community. In short, people who may live, work, worship, or participate in the Historic Northeast planning area; we want to make sure all voices are heard.

The plan will be guided by the Historic Northeast Planning Committee; and with the help of community input, will lay a foundation and build the path towards the development of the plan.

Neighborhood Plan