Project Description

The City of Fort Wayne's Neighborhood Planning & Activation Workgroup is working to establish a planning committee of neighborhood and organization leaders, in addition to business owners, to develop the Waynedale Neighborhoods Plan. The project will develop a new ten-year strategic framework for project and program investment in the neighborhoods.

    The following neighborhoods are a part of the Waynedale Neighborhoods Planning Area:

    • Ardmore Knolls
    • Avalon Civic
    • Bella Vista/Allendale
    • Broadview Terrace
    • Elmcrest
    • Elmhurst
    • Ferndale
    • Hopewell Point
    • Indian Village
    • Knolls of Ardmore
    • Lake Shores Community
    • Lakewood Park
    • Old Trail
    • Sandpoint
    • St Marys River - Winchester Civic
    • South Stone Lake
    • Southeast Waynedale
    • Southwest Waynedale
    • Stone Lake Homeowners
    • Vesey Addition
    • Willow Creek Crossing
    • Winterset Community

    Waynedale Planning Area